How to Throw a Kickin’ Summer Party on a Budget

How to Throw a Kickin’ Summer Party on a Budget

Whether it’s a birthday, a holiday, or just a friendly get-together, a summer party is always a great idea, and a fun way to really enjoy your summer. And while the parties are always fun, the planning process itself may not be. We’re here to ease your stress and help you throw a fun summer party, all while sticking to a budget!

Determine your budget

Before you get any further, you need to figure out how much dough you’re willing to fork over. While it IS possible to host a party without spending anything (think potlucks…), it is crucial to determine how much money you feel comfortable spending altogether. Your budget pretty much affects everything at your party. Make sure to keep a detailed tracking list of how much you spend so you don’t go overboard.

Determine your theme

While it may sound silly to some, determining a party theme will really help you plan everything else with ease. When you have a set theme, you have a clear vision of how you want your party to look, taste, and feel.

Some fun ideas for summer party themes can include the following:

  • Beach Luau
  • Camping Party
  • Nautical Theme
  • Safari/Jungle Party
  • Independence Day (or other Holiday)
  • Pool Party
  • Carnival/Circus Party
  • Tea Party
  • Princess/Superhero Party
  • Olympics/ Sports
  • A party based off of a popular movie, or book

The possibilities for a theme are endless. Just choose one, and run with it!

Make and deliver invitations

The invitation is one of the most important components of setting up a good party. Not only does it give your guests a great first impression, but it also creates a lot of buzz and excitement. It’s the anticipation leading up to the party that makes it so much fun.

Those of us who struggle in the art department can relax when it comes to creating an invite. Free websites/apps like Canva have taken the hassle out of developing your own and have premade templates for you. You don’t even have to be a graphic designer to customize these! When you’re done customizing your invitation, you have the option to download it and print it, or even send it digitally through text/email to your guests. (See? You didn’t even have to spend any money!)

Just make sure to include these key elements on your invitations:

  • Name–Who is the party for?
  • Date –Triple check your date. Nobody wants to go through all the work of hosting a party only to have people come the following week.
  • Time–A beginning and ending time is good if you want guests gone by a particular time.
  • Contact–It’s always good to give a name and a number to your guests in case they have any questions/concerns.
  • Location–If guests are unfamiliar with the location of the party, a small map would be helpful.
  • Theme–Let your guests know what to expect. Is it a casual party? A formal party?
  • Dress code–You wouldn’t want someone feeling foolish showing up in a grass skirt at a formal event, would you?
  • RSVP–Allowing people to RSVP will help you, as the host, to know how much food to plan on, and how much seating should be made available.


Plan the food

Since you already have a theme, try to plan food around that particular theme. (We told you that theme would come in handy…) Pinterest is chucked full of a lot of fun and easy ideas!

If you’re on a tighter budget, invite your guests to share a dish of their own. Potlucks are very popular, and a great way to save money on feeding large groups of people.

Before you head to the store, make sure you’ve made a detailed list of everything you need. For those of you who loathe going to the grocery store, consider ordering your groceries online from supermarkets that offer free pickup or free delivery. It’s a life-changer!

Don’t forget to throw on your shopping list the paper plates, napkins, utensils, bags of ice, and any party decorations and centerpieces you plan on strewing up. When it comes to planning a party, there’s nothing worse than having to return to the store several times because you keep forgetting something.


Providing some good entertainment will help break the ice and make your guests feel at ease. It will also give them something to talk about–even long after the party is over. Good entertainment keeps guests happy. (Nobody wants to attend a party where people aren’t having fun, right?)

Depending on your budget, you can go really inexpensive by playing some games (think obstacle courses, limbo, croquet, cornhole, pictionary, board games, pinata, etc).


You can spend a little more money and hire an entertainer (think comedian, a disc jockey, a clown, an emcee, etc). One thing that always helps people have a good time at a party, though, is music. Selecting your music should be fairly easy if you’ve already determined your theme.

Don’t forget the dessert!

No party is complete without a good dessert. Since it is a summer party, you’ll most likely want to go with something cool, and refreshing.  Fortunately, FatBoy has a wide variety of affordable and tasty treats to choose from that will make prepping and cleanup a breeze, all while satisfying your guests. For the chocolate lovers, our FatBoy Ice Cream Sandwiches and Sundaes are sublime. For those who prefer a fruitier flavor, our Freeze Pops are sure to hit the spot.

Party away!

If you’ve followed the above list, you’re ready to party! Don’t let your expectations be too high, though. Nothing ever goes according to plan, and nobody likes a grumpy, stressed out host. Remember to relax and have fun. (And don’t forget to indulge in your favorite FatBoy Ice Cream Sandwich). You and your guests are going to have a kickin’ good time!

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