FatBoy Flavor-Bowl Player Profile: Cookies N’ Cream

FatBoy Flavor-Bowl Player Profile: Cookies N’ Cream

FatBoy Flavor-Bowl 2019

It’s the time of year for parties ‘round the TV set with family and friends to watch the buildup to the big game.  Every Sunday we open bags of chips and cans of soda and ice cream sandwiches and we enjoy one of the greatest sporting pastimes in America.  So we here at FatBoy decided to have our own competition: The FatBoy Flavor-Bowl!  Six classic FatBoy ice cream sandwich flavors will enter the competition, but only one will emerge as the supreme flavor.  Which flavor will earn the title of 2019 FatBoy Flavor-Bowl Champion?

In order to make the competition interesting and help you out in voting for your favorite, we’ve assembled a dossier on each of these serious contenders in a series we’re calling Flavor-Bowl Player Profiles.

FatBoy Flavor-Bowl Player Profile: Cookies N’ Cream

If you have a hard time choosing between Chocolate and Vanilla, or you want A LOT of both, then Cookies N’ Cream has what you need.  It comes into this year’s FatBoy Flavor-Bowl with a lot of flash and an attitude to match.  Its cookies are the chocolatiest of the chocolate, and it’s vanilla-flavored cream is the sweetest, creamiest vanilla ever.  Superlatives aside, though, it is a flavor to be reckoned with, and it’s ready to compete.  Let’s take a look at what makes Cookie’s N’ Cream so great in this Flavor-Bowl Player Profile.

The History of the Cookie that inspired Cookies N’ Cream.

Cookies N’ Cream doesn’t feature any old cookie.  It makes masterful use of what is safely referred to as a “chocolate sandwich cookie,” which is a very popular type of cookie that sandwiches a sweet creamy vanilla center between two chocolate biscuit cookies.  They are ubiquitously known by a single brand name, though many brands make chocolate sandwich cookies.

The chocolate sandwich cookie is far and away the best selling cookie in the United States.  It was first introduced by Nabisco as the Oreo in 1912.  The cookie is now manufactured and sold under other brand names, but Oreo is the most popular.

The cookies have become a pop-culture staple in the United States over the last century, with clever marketing campaigns designed around different ways to eat the popular cookie – including how to properly dip it into milk, how to twist the sandwich apart and eat the cream filling first, and other whimsical ideas.

Today, chocolate sandwich cookies are enjoyed all over the world on their own, but they’ve also become a favorite flavor in many other dessert treats.  Aside from Cookies N’ Cream ice cream treats, you can get cookies n’ cream flavored milkshakes at countless fast food locations and other restaurants across the United States.  They’ve earned a place in American culture as our favorite cookie, and Cookies N’ Cream ice cream definitely ranks among America’s favorite flavors, which is why it’s a contender for the FatBoy 2019 Flavor-Bowl Championship.

Cookies N’ Cream Breaks into Ice Cream

If Cookies N’ Cream were a pro-wrestling character, it would be from “parts unknown.”  There are many who claim to be the first to have marketed Cookies N’ Cream flavored ice cream.  The earliest claim is from 1976, when ice cream consultant Tiny Tim claims to have invented the flavor.  Other claimants throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s include South Dakota State University, Blue Bell Creameries, and Dryers.  Regardless of who created it, though, by 1983, Cookies N’ Cream was already popular enough to become a bestselling ice cream flavor.

It’s almost certain that the popularity of the chocolate sandwich cookie – and all of the fun things you can do with it – are the reason that Cookies N’ Cream ice cream became so popular so quickly.  We at FatBoy, of course, believe that the most fun you can have with chocolate sandwich cookies is to crumble them up in our premium vanilla ice cream and then make them into an ice cream sandwich – that’s right, we made a sandwich dessert out of other sandwich desserts – a meta-sandwich, if you will.  And this juggernaut is ready to take on all comers this year in the FatBoy Flavor Bowl.

How Cookies N’ Cream Stacks Up

As a combination of extreme chocolate and extreme vanilla, Cookies N’ Cream is like taking both flavors to eleven.  It’s a lot of flavor for your mouth to handle, but that’s just how Cookies N’ Cream likes to do things – boldly and to the extreme.  Here’s a look at what this powerhouse brings to the FatBoy Flavor Bowl:

  • Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
    • If Vanilla is the most popular kid on the ice cream flavor block, Cookie’s N’ Cream is a relative upstart who’s shown up with some real credibility in the form of the most popular cookie in America. Not only does it have vanilla’s familiar, popular flavor, it’s also got crunchy chocolate cookies that are an explosion of chocolaty goodness in every bite.
  • Combination – Not Compromise
    • With Cookies N’ Cream, you don’t get some homogenized mixture of chocolate and vanilla. You get the full flavor of both right in your face, which is no doubt smiling from the flavor bombardment it’s enjoying.
  • Boldness
    • It can’t be overstated that the chocolate in the chocolate sandwich cookie is incredibly strong. It’s a very potent dark chocolate taste, not meek and mild like the milk chocolate used in so many other treats.  This chocolate lets you know it’s here, and Cookies N’ Cream is counting on that boldness to carry it to the FatBoy Flavor-Bowl Championship.


The Final Word

Cookies N’ Cream is ready to rumble.  It’s chunky, chocolaty, goodness and creamy vanilla texture is going to be a tough opponent to beat.  It’s a relative newcomer to the ice cream scene, and the chocolate sandwich cookie hasn’t been around nearly as long as some of the other flavors in this competition, but what it lacks in pedigree and history, it makes up for in boldness and confidence!   It will be fun to see how this exciting flavor stacks up in the FatBoy 2019 Flavor-Bowl.

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