8 Cooking Gadgets Every Kitchen Needs 

8 Cooking Gadgets Every Kitchen Needs 

The average American eats out  4.2  times per week, or about 18.2 meals in one month. 

Eating out is expensive, and isn’t the healthiest of options. So why do so many Americans opt to eat out? Perhaps it’s because not everyone is a self-professed Bobby Flay. Or perhaps it’s for the convenience– nobody wants to go grocery shopping after a long day at work. But doesn’t everyone crave a nice, warm, home-cooked meal?

Maybe you need the right cooking gadgets that make cooking simple, fun, and delicious…. If so, then stick around because we’ve rounded up eight of our favorite kitchen tools every home needs for a savory, traditional, satisfying meal:

1. Bear Paws

At FatBoy, we know how important good food is. Everyone loves the traditional, classic foods we all grew up on like FatBoy Ice Cream and a warm, savory pot roast. Fortunately you don’t need this tool to rip into your favorite ice cream sandwich or cone, but Bear Paws is certainly a necessity when it comes to shredding your meats. This gadget lets you grip and handle meat easily, then shred it using the ultra sharp claws. No more forks and knives slipping or fingers burning. Just soft, tender, juicy meat falling off the bone. Comfort food 

2. Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

When it comes to a kitchen tool that does it all, look no further than the Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven. This cookware is the Superman of kitchen gadgets. It can marinate, broil, braise, bake, roast, saute, fry, or simmer your food. On top of that, it can be refrigerated or frozen, and used on the stove top or in the oven. Plus, it’s durable, functional, and beautiful. Using this dutch oven will take you back to your childhood eating fresh, perfectly-cooked, warm dinners. 

3. Clip-on Pot Strainer

Strainers aren’t a new invention. Heck they’ve been around barely longer than FatBoy. But this particular product isn’t your ordinary strainer. The Clip-On Pot Strainer has a universal attachment that clips on to most pots and allows you to easily drain excess water. No need for several strainers with varying holding capacities when this one can do it all. Just toss all your other strainers because you won’t need them after trying this product. The Clip-On Pot Strainer is also compact, making it easy to store and clean. 

4. Food Slicer

Sicing soft foods can be kind of tricky. And when you’re in a hurry, it can be a real chore to get it all done. Hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, bananas, strawberries, cheese, etc. can all be sliced easily, quickly, and neatly using this Food Slicer. This makes meal time and snack time a breeze.

5. Mix-N-Chop

Once you try the Mix-N-Chop, you’ll never go back to any other kitchen tool. The Mix-N-Chop makes it super easy to cook, chop, and crumble your ground beef, turkey, or eggs. Brown your food perfectly every time without scratching your cookware. Its unique design allows you to reach areas in the pan that can be tricky otherwise, and it’s easy to clean. Just toss it in the dishwasher for a safe and thorough cleaning. 

6. Splatter Guard

Cooking alone can be a chore, but cleaning up is quite another–which is why every cook wants as minimal cleanup as possible. Prevent all the oil and grease from splashing all over the stovetop with this Splatter Guard that attaches to most pots and pans. Now you can fry your meat and sautee your veggies all you want! 

7. Corn Stripper

Like FatBoy Ice Cream, Corn is an old-school favorite food. But not everyone likes eating corn right off the cob because it gets stuck in the teeth and can get pretty messy. So how do you get the same great taste of corn on the cob without the usual problems? Use this compact and easy-to-use corn stripper. The Corn Stripper easily removes the corn from the cob in a quick twisting/pushing motion. In a matter of only a few seconds, everyone can enjoy the savory taste of corn on the cob, without the cob! 

8. Reusable Storage Bags

All that extra food needs a place to be stored, but using Ziploc bags can add up and be costly. Try these reusable storage bags made of silicone that store your food securely and freshly. Couldn’t finish your Ice Cream Sundae? No problem–just toss it in the storage bag and store in the freezer to finish at a later time. These bags are so durable you can also marinate or microwave foods in them, and they’re easy to clean. 


These kitchen gadgets are super handy and sure to win your hearts over. Just remember the FatBoy who shared these cooking secrets with you. 😉

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