Welcome to the Casper’s Ice Cream Product Resource Center

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To find the digital asset you are looking for and download it, please follow these simple steps. You can find your needed file by using one of these three methods.

1.Find by Search – Simply click the magnifying glass in the upper left corner of the frame below and search the asset. It is best to be general in name such as “Vanilla” then you will get a better list to choose from. See image below.

2. Find by List View – The Resource Center shows assets in list view by default. You can simply click on the folder and then find the file you need to download.

3. Find by Thumbnail View – You can easily switch to Thumbnail view by clicking the GEAR Icon in the upper left of the resource center and switching to Thumbnail View. Once you find your desired asset you follow the download steps below. See image.

4. Download File in List View: Simply roll over the filename and then click the arrow button on the right hand side of the window. See Image below.

4. Download File in Thumbnail View: Simply roll over the image and then click the dropdown arrow in the upper right corner of the image. See Image.

4. Download File in Preview: Simply click on the image itself once in Preview Mode and then a download arrow will appear at the bottom of the image. Click the arrow to download. See image.

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