Why Everyone Needs to Try Our Freeze Pops

Why Everyone Needs to Try Our Freeze Pops

FatBoy Ice Cream isn’t just home to our amazing Ice Cream Sandwiches and Sundaes. We also offer some deliciously refreshing Freeze Pops.

Our Freeze Pops are cool, refreshing, and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. (Isn’t that all you really want, especially in the hot summer months?) Nothing is more nostalgic than indulging in a frozen treat on a sweaty summer day.

Summertime is full of kids playing around outside–they’re climbing trees, building forts, playing night games, biking around the neighborhood, coloring with chalk, and shooting hoops in the driveway. They’re also sipping on rootbeer floats, snacking on watermelon, and slurping down slushies. Bring back YOUR inner child by indulging in one of our five timeless flavors:

  1. Cotton Candy
  2. Orange Cream
  3. Rootbeer Float
  4. Tiger’s Blood
  5. Watermelon

Each variety is low in calories, but high in flavor. Remember the days you used to beg for a stick of cotton candy at the county fair? Now you can have that–only you won’t be paying a fortune for it, and it’ll help cool you down.

Our flavors are rich, creamy, and taste as good as they sound. Don’t be fooled–these aren’t glorified popsicles. These are a REAL treat–like a decadent dessert at a high end restaurant. After you try just one, your tastebuds are sure to come to life.

FatBoy’s Freeze Pops are also conveniently packaged so that you, or your kids, aren’t going to be left in a sticky mess (even the messiest of eaters). They’re so easy to store and pack, that you can pretty much take them with you wherever you go–the pool, the park, a party, or even hand them out to all the players on your kid’s soccer team. And when everyone is done licking their lips, just toss the wrapper. Cleanup is a breeze!

You need to try this mouthwatering goodness today! Grab a box at one of our locations near you!

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