Rockier Road

Rockier Road

What’s better than chocolate ice cream? How about chocolate ice cream with some of the most popular and tasty mix-ins!?

Introducing FatBoy’s newest flavor: Rockier Road! 

Rocky Road vs. Rockier Road

This ain’t your ordinary Rocky Road from just any supermarket. Those who have tasted FatBoy Ice Cream know our ice cream can’t be compared to others on the market. They don’t hold a flame next to our premium, rich creamy flavor. 

A Frozen Masterpiece

If you’re a chocolate lover and have never tried Rockier Road before, it’s time to get with it. Made with only the finest of premium chocolate ice cream, crunchy almonds, and sweet marshmallows, FatBoy’s Rockier Road is like David’s infamous Michaelangelo: a true, timeless masterpiece (only in frozen form). The smooth, creamy chocolate is starkly contrasted by the soft marshmallows and chewy nuts–a flavor so intense it feels like an explosion in your mouth. 

How to Best Utilize Rockier Road

Conveniently sold in tubs, this sweet creation is ready to accompany you on your next family outting, your next barbecue, or even for a graduation party. It also makes for the perfect way to end a long day so you can relax and enjoy the simple moments in life. 

The History of Rocky Road

How did this unique, yet delicious, flavor come about? Who was the genius for creating such a worldwide sensation? Many claim the flavor developed almost a century ago in 1929 by William Dryer when he cut up walnuts and marshmallows and added them to his chocolate ice cream. He and a friend, Joseph Edy, later gave it the name of “Rocky Road” to “give folks something to smile about in the midst of the Great Depression.”

The name wasn’t the only thing that gave people something to smile about. The flavors alone combine perfectly for a taste that no one can forget.

The “Road” Ahead

If there’s something folks today need, it’s a good smile and a good bowl of ice cream. Get your Rockier Road tub of FatBoy Ice Cream the next time you’re out shopping. We promise you won’t regret it!

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