NEW! Happy Birthday Cake Ice Cream Tub!

NEW! Happy Birthday Cake Ice Cream Tub!

What does every good birthday party have? If you said gifts, you’re right. But there are some that might argue that cake and ice cream are the true necessities of every birthday party. I mean, is it really even considered a happy birthday without the combination of those two treats?


Our Gift to You


Have we got a gift for you!… And you don’t even have to wait for your birthday to have it. FatBoy has done it yet again– creating yet another frozen product people can’t get enough of, and to make you feel like a child again. 

Introducing our newest ice cream flavor available in our new ice cream tubs:

Happy Birthday Cake!


Dreams DO Come True


Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds (cake and ice cream) in one delicious, mouthwatering treat. Not only is this new flavor every child’s dreams come true, but it is every parent’s innermost childhood fantasy come true. 

Like the rest of our products, Happy Birthday Cake Ice Cream is made with only the best of ingredients so you not only get premium taste and texture, but scoop-shop quality every time. It’s sure to knock your socks off. 


The Inside Scoop


With an irresistible creamy cake-like batter for the base, Happy Birthday Cake is rich and just what the doctor (or chef) ordered. The base has confetti-candy pieces swimming throughout and is sure to make adults and kids alike jump for joy. With their colorful rainbows jumping out of every scoop, it’s quite literally the best “eye candy” you’ll ever see. Enjoy the cold, sweet texture, and bold, rich flavor any time of year. It’s like a cake, but  in ice cream form–what could possibly be better than that? 

Happy Birthday Cake Ice Cream is festive, delicious, and fun. It’s like having a party in your mouth. Pick up a tub today and experience what a real party tastes like! Every. Single. Day. 


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