Keepin’ It Cool–Old School Cool

Keepin’ It Cool–Old School Cool

Times sure have changed.

Remember the good ol’ days when school started back up again? Nobody cared about upgrading to a new phone back then, because nobody had one! All we cared about was going to school in “style.”

Old School Fashion

Back then “being stylish” wasn’t exactly about what you wore, how you did your hair, or how you did your makeup. Those who were stylish sported the rainbow Trapper Keepers, the Star Wars metal lunch boxes with the matching thermos, and listened to cassette tapes of New Kids on the Block and Vanilla Ice. (Feeling nostalgic yet?)

Skinny jeans weren’t a part of the wardrobe, but if you had Hammer pants or Girbaud jeans, you definitely knew how to rock it.

Old School Games

And when school was over, the streets were flooded with kids playing with each other–riding skateboards, shooting hoops at a neighbor’s house, and hopping around with their Skip It’s.  Nobody raced home just to loaf around and play on Instagram, or watch television shows (unless it was an episode of Alf or Punky Brewster).  

Keeping a Classic

A lot has changed since in the last couple of decades. But one thing remains the same. The stylin’ kids are still keepin it cool when they whip out a FatBoy Ice Cream sandwich for an after school snack. You want a delicious, refreshing snack to help you wind down after a busy day at school? Then you’ve got to try these mouthwatering novelties with nine different flavors to choose from. Now THAT’s old school cool.


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