Happy Sundae

Happy Sundae

Ice Cream Sundaes

Nothing screams ‘old school classic’ like a good ol’ fashioned ice cream sundae. At FatBoy, we’ve created a twist on the classic sundae. Each sundae is made with our thick, premium, specialty ice cream, after which it’s dipped into rich milk chocolate and coated with your favorite topping. Whether you prefer peanuts, toffee, pretzels, or almonds, we’ve developed the perfect combinations to meet your sweet tooth’s needs. With four different flavors to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find your match.

Are you a sweet and salty fan? Then FatBoy’s Caramel Pretzel Sundae is sure to hit the spot.

Prefer something fruitier? Try FatBoy’s Cherry Cordial Ice Cream Sundae!

Or if you prefer a more classic version, you can’t go wrong with the Vanilla Nut Sundae or the Toffee Crunch.  

Of course ice cream has since evolved today, and with the help of FatBoy, you can enjoy your favorite ice cream in a variety of ways! But there’s nothing quite like the old school classic ice cream sundae.

Evolution of Ice Cream

You may be wondering who came up with such delicious flavors and combinations? Well, if you’re speaking in reference to FatBoy’s products, the credit can be given to Casper Merrill, who founded the company back in 1925.

But if you’re referencing ice cream in general…well, that’s a little trickier to pinpoint. You see, ice cream dates all the way back to the second century B.C. Famous people like Alexander the Great and Roman Emperor Nero enjoyed different versions of “ice cream” (or rather, ice flavored with honey, nectar, nuts, fruits, and juices). It has since evolved over the years into what we all enjoy today.

Not all ice cream tastes the same, however. Fortunately, good ol’ Casper Merrill worked hard on developing the perfect recipe. While most ice cream calls for milk, sugar, and butter, Merrill learned early on to use only ingredients of the highest quality. His recipe is tried and true, and has remained intact, unchanged, for over 90 years!

Time to Celebrate

Ready to make every day a Sundae? Then spread the love by sharing FatBoy’s Ice Cream Sundaes with your coworkers! No need to host a party or potluck, just surprise everyone with this mouthwatering treat and make everyone happy. Celebrate with a FatBoy flavor you haven’t personally tried before, and let us know what you think!

See you in the FatBoy aisle!

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