FatBoy Review Video Roundup

FatBoy Review Video Roundup

FatBoy® Ice Cream Products Review Roundup

We here at FatBoy® like to think we make the best ice cream products available, and we don’t mind telling you so.  But you don’t have to take our word for it!  Here’s a roundup of reviews submitted to YouTube by customers like you!


The PhiillipsFamBam Review tackles our newest lineup, FatBoy® Ice Cream Cones, and each junior member of the Phillips family chimes in.  The kids – in order from youngest to oldest got to each pick a flavor for everyone to try, then they gave either a thumbs up, thumbs sideways, or thumbs down gesture.  Sundae Best turns out to be the overall favorite for this fun-loving family, but all of the kids agreed, the FatBoy® Ice Cream inside each cone was extraordinary!

2. Elvis Travels: REVIEW & TASTE TEST- FATBOY Premium Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches

Elvis Travels decides to tackle a review of the original FatBoy® Ice Cream Sandwich in the Premium Vanilla flavor.  Now, this particular traveling Elvis likes his FatBoy® Ice Cream Sandwiches to be a little softer, so he spends the first half of the video reading the FatBoy® Ice Cream story on the back of the box while his sandwich softens up.  Having already admitted that these are his favorite ice cream sandwiches earlier in the video, his 9/10 verdict is no surprise.

3. Kickin It With Kimberly: Fat Boy Ice Cream Sandwich REVIEW! Soo Good!

“These ice cream sandwiches are off.. the… hook!” raves Kickin It With Kimberly right off the bat, when talking about the FatBoy® Cookies N’ Cream flavored Ice Cream Sandwich.  Kimberly raves about the creamy, genuine premium FatBoy® Cookies N’ Cream filling, does a fantastic job of showing a close-up and making it look delicious, and urges her followers to try them when they get the chance because they are “on point!”


4. Tami Dunn: FatBoy Freeze Pops Cream Pops: Root Beer Float, Orange Cream, Tiger’s Blood & Cotton Candy Review

Tami and her husband Kevin rave about the Orange Cream from the first bite.  They both love that it reminds them of the original PushUp ice cream treat.  They also comment on how creamy the orange cream flavor is. Tami calls the Cotton Candy flavor “perfect,” and Kevin says, “And it’s thicker than your traditional ice cream, too.” Bottom line, the Dunns go on about how strong each flavor is, and like most of them very much!

5. Snack Attack: Snack Attack tries Fat Boy S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches

The adorable family of Snack Attach rip into our FatBoy® S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches and the verdict is delicious.  They each take a few bites to really decide, but once Clare, the little girl gives it a 9/10, her brother gives it 1000, and then their dad says, “Yeah, It was pretty good,” before commenting on the enormous amount of ice cream jammed between that graham cracker and chocolate wafer cookie. 

6. Texas Grove: FatBoy Ice Cream Vine

“This is a good cone!”  (watch for hilarity).

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