FatBoy Ice Cream Cone: Special Flavor Profile – Cookies N’ Cream

FatBoy Ice Cream Cone: Special Flavor Profile – Cookies N’ Cream

They’re here- introducing FatBoy Ice Cream Cones!

We’re excited to offer not only the finest in ice cream sandwiches and sundae desserts, but the finest in ice cream cone flavors as well!  FatBoy® has pulled out all the stops to make Scoop Shoppe Quality ice cream cones so packed with chunky flavor, they might just be the most premium cones in your freezer aisle.  We’ll be covering each of the five new flavors in detail, including Sundae Best, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Cookie Dough, Caramel Praline, and of course, Cookies N’ Cream!

When Ordinary Just Isn’t Enough

Sundae Best is the standard-bearer for FatBoy Ice Cream Cones, because, well, it’s a true classic. Still, FatBoy isn’t satisfied doing the expected expected, however.  We thought, What flavors haven’t we seen in pre-made ice cream cones yet?  And one one of the first amazing FatBoy® flavors to come to mind was Cookies N’ Cream.

Yeah, yeah, Vanilla won the Flavor Bowl this year, but Cookies N’ Cream put up a good fight, and that makes it a great ice cream cone candidate. 

But then things got deliciously interesting: Cookies N’ Cream got a green light for amazing: “Premium cookies and cream ice cream topped with white chocolaty drizzle and cookie crumbles in a white chocolaty-lined chocolate cone.”  You read that right, FatBoy Nation!  A white chocolaty-lined chocolate cone!

Let’s Break This Cookies N’ Cream Thing Down

Cookies N’ Cream? Yes, Please!

So, FatBoy makes some of the meanest Cookies N’ Cream around, and as we described in the  Cookies N’ Cream profile for the 2019 FatBoy Flavor Bowl, this flavor is for those who know how well chocolate and vanilla work together and who want A LOT of both.  The “cookies” part of cookies n’ cream is made from the chocolatiest of the chocolate cookies, and the cream is… Well, it’s just sweet heavenly wonderfulness. 

The cookie style for Cookies N’ Cream come is inspired by the best selling cookie type in the United States, the “chocolate sandwich cookie,” better known by the bestselling brand name, “Oreo”.  Chocolate and vanilla have complemented one another for years – centuries, in fact, and it only stands to reason that such an extreme version of both flavors is the most popular cookie in our fair land, if measured by sales. 

When cookies n’ cream (Parts Unknown) first entered the ice cream arena sometime in the ‘70s or ‘80s (depending on which legend you believe), it was an instant success.  It remains a favorite in ice cream shoppes across the country, and in gallon cartons as well.  With our Cookies N’ Cream Ice Cream Cones, we use genuine, scoop-shoppe quality FatBoy® Cookies N’ Cream Premium Ice Cream in every one of our cones.

Topped with White Chocolaty Dribble and Cookie Crumbles!

Look, even if FatBoy® Cookies N’ Cream Ice Cream Cones were just FatBoy’s exceptional Cookies N’ Cream inside a regular old waffle cone, they would be mouth-wateringly delicious.  But we didn’t settle for that.  If our Cookies N’ Cream is some of the most intense chocolate and vanilla flavor out there, then the ice cream cone version had to be just as outrageous.  Our flavor alchemists took that wonderful premium scoop-shoppe quality cookies n’ cream ice cream and they drizzled it with white chocolate syrup and real chocolate sandwich cookie crumbles!  And you know us, there’s no way we were gonna let them stop there!

A White-Chocolate Lined Cone? Are You Heckin’ Kidding Me?

No.  We’re not heckin’ kidding you.  We told those alchemists in their white lab coats and their goggles and lab notes to make it bold and satisfying, and they came back to us with a coup de gras!  They said, “We’re gonna make it a chocolate waffle cone.”

We said, “Awesome! Let’s get to work!”

They said, “Wait.  There’s more.”

“Go on…” we said.

“We’re gonna line that chocolate waffle cone with white-chocolate, too.”

At that point we just had to pick our collective selves up off the ground because, honestly…  A white chocolate lining and bottom filling to a chocolate waffle cone that contains scoop-shoppe quality premium cookies n’ cream ice cream?  Who would even believe such a thing was possible without disrupting some sort of law of physics or UN Treaty?

Still, the lawyers and the scientists said it was possible and legal, so now we’ve launched one of the most flavor-packed ice cream cones imaginable.  Oh dear, what have we done?

The Final Word

You’re at your grocer’s freezer aisle.  You’re staring at a tantalizing variety of FatBoy Ice Cream products.  You think, “I want to try one of these new ice cream cones, but I’m torn.  I love vanilla, but chocolate is so tempting…” Then you see it.  The answer to your conundrum.  FatBoy Cookies N’ Cream Ice Cream Cones.  You can nearly taste the creamy, rich, scoop-shoppe quality vanilla ice cream, drizzled with white chocolate and sprinkled with chocolate sandwich cookies, and that’s when you notice the bit about the white-chocolate-lined chocolate cone.  Decision made.  Grab a dozen packages and head for the nearest checkout aisle.

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