FatBoy Flavor-Bowl Player Profile: Chocolate Chip Cookie

FatBoy Flavor-Bowl Player Profile: Chocolate Chip Cookie

FatBoy Flavor-Bowl 2019

It’s the time of year for parties ‘round the TV set with family and friends to watch the buildup to the big game.  Every Sunday we open bags of chips and cans of soda and ice cream sandwiches and we enjoy one of the greatest sporting pastimes in America.  So we here at FatBoy decided to have our own competition: The FatBoy Flavor-Bowl!  Six classic FatBoy ice cream sandwich flavors will enter the competition, but only one will emerge as the supreme flavor.  Which flavor will earn the title of 2019 FatBoy Flavor-Bowl Champion?

In order to make the competition interesting and help you out in voting for your favorite, we’ve assembled a dossier on each of these serious contenders in a series we’re calling Flavor-Bowl Player Profiles.

FatBoy Flavor-Bowl Player Profile: Chocolate Chip Cookie

At first glance, one might look at the Chocolate Chip Cookie flavor team and think, “What’s the big deal? It’s the same ice cream as Premium Vanilla.  How is that even a competition?”  Well, the answer is in the name, folks.

Yes, it’s true, the delicious FatBoy ice cream that makes up the Chocolate Chip Cookie sandwich is good old Premium Vanilla, but the big difference is that the “bread” of the ice cream sandwich here is two delicious chocolate chip cookies!  That’s right.  With Chocolate Chip Cookie, you get all of that classic, popular, vanilla goodness and two amazing chocolate chip cookies instead of the usual chocolate wafers that make up the rest of FatBoy’s ice cream sandwich lineup.  So let’s take a look at Chocolate Chip Cookie’s super-power, then.

The History of the Chocolate Chip Cookie

Believe it or not, chocolate chip cookies are a twentieth-century invention!  That’s right.  The tradition of eating freshly baked chocolate chip cookies out of grandma’s oven only goes back a couple of generations.  In fact, if you’re an adult today, your grandma’s grandma might not have ever had chocolate chip cookies.

This comfort-food all-star came into being in 1938 when Toll-House Inn owner Ruth Graves Wakefield invented the recipe for her Whitman, MA restaurant.  Some have said that her original idea was for the chocolate chips to melt and blend with the dough to become chocolate cookies, but Wakefield herself denied this idea, claiming that she designed the cookie specifically to go along with their ice cream desserts.  So not only was the chocolate chip cookie deliberately designed, it was deliberately designed to go with ice cream!

Wakefield included the recipe in the 1938 edition of her cookbook, Toll House Tried and True Recipes.  The now infamous cookie didn’t really catch on, however, until World War II.  During the war, soldiers from Massachusetts would receive the cookies with their care packages and share them with troops from other parts of the United States.  Those troops then wrote their families and asked for chocolate chip cookies.  This drove up the national demand for the recipe and made the cookie an overnight success nationwide.

What’s in a Chocolate Chip Cookie?

The original Toll-House recipe is still very popular today, but many other bakeries and restaurants have created their own variation on the recipe.  In most cases, though, your chocolate chip cookie will include white and brown sugar, flour, eggs, a leavening agent like baking powder, vanilla extract, a small amount of salt, shortening or butter, and, of course, the chocolate chips, which should be semi-sweet for that classic flavor.

Many variations on the recipe include additional ingredients such as nuts, M&M’s, or even white-chocolate or peanut-butter chips instead of the classic semi-sweet flavor.  Despite the variation in ingredients, however, the basic steps for baking are usually the same.  First, the fats and sugars are mixed, then the eggs, flour, vanilla extract, and leavening agent are added, and finally, toward the end of the process, the chocolate chips get mixed in. Some recipes are designed to make soft, chewy cookies, while others are meant to produce crisp, crunchy cookies.  Any way you bake them, however, they won’t last long.

How Chocolate Chip Cookie Stacks Up:

Heading into this Flavor-Bowl season, Chocolate Chip Cookie is a flavor to watch.  It has all of the benefits of FatBoy’s popular Premium Vanilla flavor, with the added benefit of chocolate chip cookies!

  • Popular Premium Vanilla Ice Cream
    • Vanilla is the most popular flavor in the world, and when you combine it with the amazingly popular flavor of chocolate chip cookies, you may just have an unbeatable combination.
  • Name Recognition
    • Like Premium Vanilla, Chocolate Chip Cookie is a name almost everybody loves. It brings back memories of grandma’s cookie jar and a whole host of other comforting thoughts.
  • Perfect Pairing
    • The chocolate chip cookie was literally invented to go with vanilla ice cream. The extreme popularity of both desserts on their own speaks to what a great partnership they make.  The soft, chewy texture of the chocolate chip cookie, combined with the creamy goodness of Premium Vanilla ice cream make this mixture a tough combination to beat.

The Final Word

Lest any of Chocolate Chip Cookie’s opponents get too cocky over the fact that the chocolate chip cookie is less than a century old, it would be unwise to see it as some kind of upstart.  The chocolate chip cookies were designed specifically to compliment vanilla ice cream by one of the greatest American culinary minds of all time.  It has a little bit of everything for everyone, and it’s potential to win the FatBoy 2019 Flavor Bowl cannot be understated.

  • Terry.baith
    Posted at 00:49h, 02 March Reply

    I open up my fat boy ice cream vanilla with chocolate chip cookies and for the three on the four one is missing half of the cookie I hope someone came reply to me to handle this issue my name is Terri thank you very much

    • admin
      Posted at 00:51h, 16 May Reply

      Hi Terry- Thank you very much for letting us know! Sometimes those sandwiches get a mind of their own and sneak out half dressed. We are serious about fully clothed FatBoys and as an SQF qualified facility, even more serious about quality control. We’ve forwarded your comments to Customer Service but in the mean time, do you have an image of the product as well as an image of the box and batch date on the box?

      Please send us a direct message via Facebook or Instagram and reference this conversation- we’ll see what we can do!

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