Family Fun Month

Family Fun Month


In the sudden blink of an eye it’s already August and you’ve probably found yourself thinking, “Where in the world did summer go?” 

All those extravagant summer plans and bucket lists are hanging on your fridge, lifeless. So many good intentions sit there, unchecked. 

Why does summer always seem to go quicker than the other seasons? Just one more month and fall will be here. One more month of warm evenings. One more month of no schedules and carpools. One more month of late night Fat Boy Ice Cream runs. One more month…

So what are you waiting for? Seize the day, my friend! One more month is still plenty of time. That’s 30 more days you have to absorb as much fun as possible. 

August is Family Fun Month–a time to focus in on two of the most important factors in life: Family, and Fun! And don’t worry, fun doesn’t equal expensive.

When you think of fun, what images come to mind? Does nostalgia take you back to your childhood days of riding through the streets on your 2-wheeler, racing your friends to the nearest supermarket to buy penny candy? Or do you think about endless carnival rides and mouth-filling cotton candy at the fair? Or how about snacking on a box of Cracker Jacks with your eyes glued on the baseball game?

If there’s one thing that we here at FatBoy specialize in (other than delicious ice cream), it’s knowing how to have some good, old fashioned fun. If you’re looking for some fun activity ideas for you and your family, we’re here to help you dig up some of those classic traditions you did as a child. And the best part? They cost little to no money, so you have no excuse not to try them!

Build a Fort

Every average American kid out there seems to have a natural inclination on building forts. It’s like built into their blood. Forts were fun because you could make up your own rules, have your own clubs, and you got to be the ring leader. 

Go Fishing

If you grew up watching The Andy Griffith Show, you likely had an urge to go grab your fishing pole and head to the nearest pond. Fishing is a classic summer tradition that your whole family will love. 

Attend a Baseball Game

Nothing screams fun like the infamous American favorite sport of baseball. The crowds, the cheering, the game, the food. What doesn’t sound fun? 

Go to the County Fair

Summer ain’t over until you visit the county fair. Does anyone else have flashes of The Sandlot circle their minds when thinking about the fair? Carnival games, roller coaster rides, and fireworks in the evening sky would make anyone happy. 

See a Movie at the Drive-In Theater

Drive-In movies seem to be a lost art nowadays. If you can find one near you, take your family so they can experience the thrill of an outdoor movie. If you dont have one, recreate your own on a projector in your backyard!

Go Camping

Growing up, if you didn’t camp, you didn’t know how to have real fun. There’s something about being in nature, away from everyone else that opens your mind and puts things in perspective. Nobody needed smartphones back then, and they aren’t necessary now while camping. 

Make a Lemonade Stand

So you needed some extra coin, but Mom and Dad wouldn’t pay up, so you became an entrepreneur selling lemonade at the corner. It was always every kid’s dream to work a lemonade stand.

Play Night Games

Classic games like “Capture the Flag” or “Kick the Can” were always a fun way to get all the neighborhood kids out and running around crazy. The great thing is, night games aren’t just for kids.

Recreate Old Family Photos

You may have come across an old photo you’re fond of. While you can’t go back in time, you could always recreate the photo as adults. The fun memories you’ll make doing this are sure to last a long while. 

Have a Water Fight

Ever notice how any kid in a water fight is laughing like crazy? That’s because they’re fun! So jump in on one next time, and have fun with your family!

Sleepovers on the Tramp

We get it. The older you get, the more uncomfortable you get. But sleeping in the backyard on your tramp with your kids can be a lot of fun. Just dont expect to get much sleep. 


We hope these classic summer traditions have sparked something in you for Family Fun Month. Just dont forget to pack the ultimate classic treat as you spend quality time with your family– FatBoy’s Ice Cream Novelties make the perfect addition to any event. Try our Ice Cream Sandwiches, Sundaes, Cones, or Freeze Pops. After all, everyone knows the treats are the best part to any family activity. 


Have another classic family activity you want to share? Leave it in the comments below!

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