Employee Spotlight: Meet Debbie Nalder

Employee Spotlight: Meet Debbie Nalder

What is Casper’s Quality Control? The short answer: It’s the process we go through to make our ice cream safe for you to eat. It includes testing for microorganisms like specific pathogens, bacteria, yeast and molds.

Sure, all the science jargon sounds boring, but with Debbie Nalder, it’s anything but. She uses microbiological testing along with her search and rescue skills to prevent FatBoy products from containing anything suspect.

Meet Debbie Nalder, Casper’s Quality Control Technician.

Debbie has worked at Casper’s for three years. Her work focuses on microbiological testing– a process to test the microbes that comes into contact with our products. She tests for mould, bacteria, and pathogens that could potentially spoil our products. Her work ensures only quality ice cream leaves our facility. She is also responsible for training other employees in her Jedi Master sleuthing, updating company documents, and conducting internal audits.

Debbie is originally from Southern Virginia, but has called Cache Valley, Utah, home for the past 12 years. While the two states seem opposite in geography, they do share common ground for their love of dairy. When you think about that, her transition to Cache Valley (Hello Dairy!), makes perfect sense.

A few things you may not know about Debbie

  • She served in the Air Force as a Search and Rescue Coordinator in Okinawa, Japan.
  • She is fluent in Sign Language and used to teach at the School for the Deaf and Blind in Idaho.
  • Being from Southern Virginia, she can bring out her charming southern accent in a moment’s notice.
  • One thing she could not live without: Diet Dr. Pepper.
  • Her favorite FatBoy Ice Cream Sandwich is Cookies N Cream


When it comes to her job, Debbie takes pride in knowing she helps make quality ice cream. Debbie loves the people she gets to work with. Casper’s is truly a family business, and that feeling of friendship and fellowship is not lost on Debbie–it is the force behind what makes her excited to go to work everyday.  

Among her many roles, Debbie reports she is most proud of her role as a mother to her four children. Her favorite place in the world is anywhere she can be amongst her grandkids.

Good quality ice cream is more than the flavor that meets our mouth. Without Debbie, we wouldn’t be able to sit back and relax with a big ol’ FatBoy in hand at the end of the day. And, what would life be like without that luxury?

Eat up FatBoy Nation!

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