Eight Classic Back-to-School Treats

Eight Classic Back-to-School Treats

Ahhhh…it’s officially September. Soon the leaves will be turning, the days will grow cooler, and football season will be in full swing. 

You know what else is in full swing? School! 

Yes, parents all over the country are celebrating getting back into a schedule. However, amidst all the excitement, there’s also some anxiety that comes with it. 

Back to school shopping.

Packing lunches.




New teachers and classes.

When did all this become so… chaotic? Shouldn’t it be more peaceful when the kids return to school? 

Times certainly have changed. But if there’s one thing that should remain constant, it’s making sure your kid feels loved. Welcoming your kids home from their first week of school with a special tasty treat will do just the trick. 

We know what you’re thinking– “Another thing to add to my ‘to-do’ list.” On the contrary. These treats are simple to whip up, are yummy for kids AND parents alike, and will have your kids excited for a new school year. 

We’ve rounded up 8 classic back-to-school treats to help your kids start this school year off right:

  1. Fruity Pebbles Krispies Treats

Who can resist the classic Rice Krispie Treat? These Krispie treats take on a tasty and colorful twist using Fruity Pebbles cereal in place of Rice Krispies. Using just three ingredients, these soft, ooey-gooey fruity treats are quick to make, and are sure to satisfy anyone!

  1. Peanut Butter Cheerios

Nothing screams old-school like a nice bowl of Cheerios. Peanut butter lovers will drool over these chewy treats. Just toss the peanut butter and marshmallows into a bowl in the microwave, then add in the Cheerios, and you’ve got yourself one tasty after-school treat. 

  1. Chocolate Banana Muffins

If you’re looking for a treat that’s both tasty and satiating (meaning your kitchen won’t be ransacked because it will hold your kids over til dinner time), you gotta try these deliciously chocolate banana muffins! Packed full of protein, these babies are full of nutrients and won’t sacrifice any flavor. Although these take about 30 minutes to make, you can make a large batch and freeze the extras. These also make a simple and easy breakfast, and are particularly helpful for families who are constantly on the go. 

  1. No Bake Monster Cookie Balls

These No Bake Monster Cookie Oatmeal Energy Balls will feel like a special treat. (But ssshhh! Don’t tell the kids they’ve got healthy stuff in there!) These energy balls are simple to make and are also versatile, meaning you can pop in any ingredient you have on hand. You can substitute the M&Ms with nuts, seeds, dried fruit, chocolate chips, etc! And because these have peanut butter and oatmeal, they’re packed with protein and fiber to help stave off those hunger pains. (Ain’t nobody got time for the hangry kids after school!) 

  1. Orange Julius Smoothie

Who remembers going to the mall as a kid and grabbing an Orange Julius at the Food Court? Now you can have your own classic Orange Julius right at home and share it with your kids. This creamy drink is not only refreshing and tangy, but satisfying after a long, hard day at school. And best of all, it only takes five minutes to make! (Orange you glad you found this recipe?)

  1. Apple Nachos

You’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven when you try one of these apple nachos! Think about it– a platter of sliced Granny Smith apples, with warm chocolate and caramel drizzled on it, then topped with ooey gooey melted marshmallows. What kid (or adult) wouldn’t enjoy this after school treat? 

  1. Chocolate Peanut Treats

Slip into a food coma with these Chocolate Peanut Butter Treats. Its thick peanut butter/ graham cracker crust is the perfect combination to the rich chocolate layer on top. The only problem you’ll have with these tasty treats, is you won’t be able to stop eating them. 

  1. FatBoy Frozen Treats

When it comes to the craziness of school, nothing is  more appealing than a tasty treat waiting in the freezer that you didn’t have to prepare. Just rip off the packaging and devour away. FatBoy offers several varieties of frozen treats that every child (and parent) will enjoy– from ice cream sandwiches, to cones, to sundaes, and even Freeze Pops. Each ice cream treat is packed with premium, thick, creamy ice cream, and paired with some of your favorite, classic toppings. Especially on those warm days, these frozen novelties, are irresistible and a true delight. Not only will FatBoy’s treats make your kids happy, but you’ll earn the Parent of the School Year award. Grab your favorite varieties today!

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