Celebrate with our NEW FatBoy Tubs by Making a Colossal Sundae

Celebrate with our NEW FatBoy Tubs by Making a Colossal Sundae

!July is the Best Month for Eating Ice Cream—It’s the Law. …

It’s July, folks! That conjures up images of fireworks, backyard cookouts, pool parties, and squirt gun fights. But you know what else belongs on that list? A gigantic ice cream sundae made with our new delicious 56 oz. FatBoy Tubs! We call them “tub sundaes,” and they’re the perfect treat for July. Why’s that? Well, not only because it’s about a billion degrees outside most places—though FatBoy Ice Cream is a perfect remedy for that, too. No, dear friends, it’s because July is National Ice Cream Month!

Look, there are a lot of other months out there that get to lay claim to fun things. April gets to be International Guitar Month AND hosts International Record Store Day every year. May gets to be National Burger Month. But July, friends, July gets Ice Cream AND Hot Dogs. And let’s face it, there aren’t many more images that conjure up fun like a pool party with friends and hot dogs off the grill and a nice colossal tub sundae made with FatBoy Ice Cream for dessert!

And just in time for National Ice Cream Month, we’ve rolled out our new 56 oz. tubs—the perfect size for any great July party, and the perfect size for an EPIC tub sundae!!

What Do You Love About Sundaes

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect ice cream sundae. And since we’re talking backyard parties and summertime fun, we should be talking about how to make the most EPIC tub sundae imaginable! The beauty is, our new FatBoy 56 oz. tubs come in nearly all of our most popular flavors, so you can experiment and make the most mountainous ice cream sundae of all time!

A Few Suggestions…

  • The Classic Tub Sundae: Classics are classics for a reason. The ice cream sundae is a staple of our culture, and like many classics, it’s been re-invented many times. Well, we thought we’d start this EPIC tub sundae discussion with the ol’ standby combination that’s a favorite across the nation! For our EPIC classic tub sundae will require you to get a tub of FatBoy’s Old Fashioned Vanilla flavored ice cream. Now, a tub is huge, at 56 oz., but if you’re going to truly make your classic tub sundae EPIC, you should probably get two or three. You’ll likely also want at least a baker’s-dozen bottles of chocolate syrup, a few pounds of chopped peanuts (if neither you nor any of your guest are allergic, of course). A few cans of candied cherries for the top, and you’ll be the supreme ruler of all classic tub sundaes!
  • The Dark Road Tub Sundae: Now, this concoction is for serious chocolate lovers! There’s a small but significant faction of FatBoy employees who believe that chocolate ice cream will cure cancer one day. We can’t really speak to that officially, of course. On the other hand… if Alexander Fleming found penicillin from studying a sandwich, we can see how some might think chocolate ice cream might be the cure for whatever ails you. If you find yourself among those believers, this is the tub sundae for you!First, you’ll need a tub of FatBoy Brownie Batter ice cream, a tub of FatBoy Frozen Hot Cocoa ice cream, and a tub of FatBoy Rockier Road ice cream. That’s just the beginning of this journey, though, people. If we’re gonna be in it, we’re gonna be in it to win it. That’s why we also need another thirteen bottles of chocolate syrup. Now, as for toppings, we’re not “going nuts” this time. Nope. We’re committed. And that means—you guessed it—about four or five pounds of chocolate chips. Milk chocolate or dark. Or both. It’s really up to you!
  • The Cool Cookie Tub Sundae: Are you ready for this one? Start with a tub of FatBoy Cookie Mint Chip. Next, grab a tub of FatBoy Cream and Cookies. Finally, a tub of FatBoy Cookie Dough ice cream will do the trick. For the ice cream part, anyway. This is an EPIC tub sundae, though. And that means to top this triumphant trifecta of cooke lovers’ cravings, we’re going to add a few more goodies.Now, all three flavors if FatBoy Ice Cream have chocolate in them, so we’re going to augment that with another thirteen bottles of chocolate syrup. We’re also gonna go nuts again, so get a few pounds of chopped peanuts (almonds or walnuts might also go well). Also, of course, we’re going to need another few cans of candied cherries, but that’s not it. The finishing touch is about a half-case of canned whipped topping.
  • The Happy Birthday with a Kick Tub Sundae: Were you born on the Fourth of July? Or the 9th? or the 27th? It doesn’t matter, because if your birthday falls in July you’re totally entitled to ice cream. Okay, our lawyers say we can’t really promise you that, but it certainly should be part of the National Ice Cream Month proclamation, in our humble opinion. Anyway, if you celebrate your birthday during National Ice Cream Month, then this is the tub sundae for you. Start with a tub of Famous FatBoy Vanilla, then grab a tub or FatBoy Fried Ice Cream (the cinnamon in that one is the “kick” part). Then, of course, you’ll need a tub of FatBoy Happy Birthday Cake ice cream.Once those are procured, you’ll want to grab thirteen bottles of caramel syrup this time. Also, neither nuts nor chocolate chips will do this time. No… This is an EPIC birthday tub sundae, and that means sprinkles. If you can get a crate of sprinkles, you should do that. Otherwise, go to every grocer within a ten mile radius and buy all the sprinkles they’ve got. Oh… and don’t forget the candles!
  • The Banana Boat Tub Sundae: Somebody here at FatBoy apparently doesn’t understand the finer differences between a “tub sundae” and a “banana split,” so that somebody submitted this idea. You’ll need a tub of FatBoy Old Fashioned Vanilla, a tup of FatBoy Cream and Cookies, and a tub of FatBoy Rockier Road. Of course, this isn’t just a banana split. This is an EPIC banana split. So you’ll need at least a dozen bunches of bananas. Make sure they’re nice and ripe. We’d also recommend a very, very long serving dish.FatBoy Ice Cream and bananas sorted, it’s time to consider toppings. And because we’ve got a lot of chocolate in the ice cream selection, we’re gonna go with thirteen bottles of caramel syrup for this one. Add a few pounds of chopped peanuts, a half-case of canned whipped topping, and about three cans of candied cherries and you’ve got the most amazing banana split the world’s ever seen!

What’s Your Idea of an EPIC Tub Sundae

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