4 Essentials to Helping you Tackle Tailgating 

4 Essentials to Helping you Tackle Tailgating 

For many, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Nope, it’s not Christmas. (We’ve still got three months for that, thank goodness. ..)

It’s football season! Whether you prefer watching the pee-wee leagues, high school, college, or the NFL, football is a classic American sport that we all love. The taunting, the cheers, the sound of helmets and shoulder pads smacking, whistles blowing, and the feel of the cool, crisp air. 

What is it about this sport that so many people love? More like…what’s NOT to love!?! The team matchups, the upsets, the overtime games, fantasy pick-ems, the crazy fans, showing your team spirit and true loyalty, quarterback sneaks, watching Cinderella teams come out on top, classic rivalries, explosive touchdowns, game winning drives and celebrations, and of course tailgating.

If you’re a football fan, chances are, you’re a tailgating fan also. Tailgating is a fun way to get pumped before the big game. If you’re new to tailgating, let us help you get started and tackle a few of the essentials:

1. Equipment

First thing’s first– you’re going to need a few basic items to get your setup just right. Grab a few camp chairs, some folding tables, coolers with plenty of ice, some canopies for shade, and of course– some grills. Don’t forget the propane or coals either!

2. Fun

Next, start thinking of ways to add some entertainment to the party. Got some subwoofer speakers? You’ll want to bring them! You can’t have a party without some kickin’ music!  While you’re at it, grab a few games (Think Corn Hole, Spike Ball, NFL Trivia, Basket Pong, or a frisbee/ football to toss around). Make sure to pack some extensions cords and chargers to help the party last!

3. Practical

There’s nothing wrong with making your vehicle and area flashy. In fact, balloons, banners, team flags, and signs are a fantastic way to kickoff your tailgating party. Remember to recruit some help with cleanup, though. Pack the trash bags, wipes, and other cleanup essentials for a quick cleanup. 

If it’s a cooler day, you’ll also want to bring blankets, jackets, gloves, rain ponchos, and anything else to help you be conditioned for the game. 

And of course, don’t forget the game tickets!

4. Food

No tailgating party is complete without food. Just like you can’t play football without a quarterback, you can’t have a successful tailgating party without some good grub! You’ve already got the grill, now throw some burgers or dogs on it and get fueled for the game. Dont forget the paper products, condiments, and drinks. 


But if you really want to throw a touchdown, you’ve got to bring the FatBoys. Nothing tastes sweeter than a good football game with a richy, creamy FatBoy Ice Cream in hand. It has victory written all over it! Choose from FatBoy’s delicious varieties of ice cream sandwiches, cones, sundaes, or Freeze Pops. You’re sure to not fumble with these!


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