10 Classic Winter Activities You Enjoyed As a Kid, and Can Do Now

10 Classic Winter Activities You Enjoyed As a Kid, and Can Do Now

“Baby it’s cold outside!”

But don’t let that keep you from having some good ol’ fashioned fun. Remember when you were a kid, and temperature never seemed to be a factor when you played? Hours upon hours were spent in freezing temperatures. And it was good for us! (And it still is!)

Don’t succumb to the warmth offered indoors, or the convenience of modern day technology. You can scroll through your newsfeed or check your twitter account any time, but the time you have to enjoy winter activities outside only lasts a short season. Before you know it, the snow will melt away, and you’ll wish you had taken advantage.

So bring out your youthful side and go play like you did as a kid. Besides, there’s nothing better than warming up afterwards with some fresh hot cocoa, snuggled up in a blanket by a warm fire.

You may be surprised at how much you enjoy these activities. Not only will you feel like a child again, but any endorphins you release from physical exertion can actually help you feel happier. It also helps fight any feelings of sadness or anxiety you may have experienced from being cooped up indoors this winter:

1. Play in the snow

Don’t be a Scrooge when it snows. Remember the good ol’ days when you used to spend hours outside making snow angels, catching snow on your tongue, and dressing your own personal Frosty the snowman? Ice forts and igloos were constructed late into the night to protect  you from the ambush of snowball fights you’d find yourself in.

2. Sledding

Speaking of playing in the snow…what better way to enjoy a thriller than whipping down a snowy hill on your favorite sled? This classic winter activity can also be a great workout as you trek up the mountain each time.

3. Go Ice Skating

There’s something so nostalgic and magical about ice skating. Whether you glide gracefully on the ice, or you trip over your own feet, ice skating is a favorite pastime of many people, and is actually another great aerobic workout (burning up to several hundred calories in one hour).  

4. Snowshoeing/ Cross Country Skiing

If you’ve never felt a burn in the winter time, you’ve never gone cross country skiing or snowshoeing. Doing these activities, or even just hiking in nature, is a fun way to truly experience the beautiful outdoors. Just make sure to dress warm and be cautious.

5. Hit the Slopes

Another way to enjoy nature is to go skiing or snowboarding (and don’t worry, the chair lift does all the work up the mountain so you dont have to). Hitting the slopes is a favorite activity amongst many people. In addition to enjoying breathtaking scenery while hovering in the sky, you can also burn between 300 to 600 calories per hour doing the classic winter sport!

6. Snowmobiling

All you adventure-seekers are sure to love this sport. When you combine the thrill of a high-speed ride with a mountainous landscape blanketed in snow, you’ll understand why so many people list winter as their favorite season.

7. Go Ice Fishing

Whether you’re an experienced angler, or someone who’s just beginning, ice fishing is actually a sport anyone of any age can do. Take the whole family to experience this traditional activity. Some claim that ice fishing is basically a combination of tailgating and fishing–who wouldn’t love that?

8.  Watch your Favorite Old School Classic Movies

Ok, ok, so we know watching movies isn’t exactly an outdoor activity, but it is arguably a classic activity people do to escape the cold outside. And we get it, some people just aren’t meant for the winter, so if this is you, curl up to a favorite show.

9. Attend a hockey game

Looking for constant action and excitement? Then you better paint your face, put on a jersey, and head to a local hockey game! Hockey is quite an impressive sport when you really think about it– combining the fluid movement of ice skating, with the aggression of boxing, and the skill of accurately hitting a puck with a stick. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worthwhile to watch!

10.  Indulge in your favorite seasonal treats

Believe it or not, but the holidays are over. This means you only have a short time before the shelves at your local supermarket will be wiped clean of your favorite once-a-year flavors. Eggnog, peppermint, cinnamon, you name it. It’s best if you stock up on your favorite flavors now.


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