FatBoy and the Great American Road Trip

FatBoy and the Great American Road Trip

“There is no better place in the world to pack up a van and hit the open road than America.”

If you had one last opportunity to travel the wide open roads of this great country of ours, where would you go?  Just one year ago, in July of 2019, Analise and her team never imagined that their Fatboy Summer Road Trip would be their last grand adventure for the foreseeable future.

But 2020, oh, how you have changed everything! 

One terrific thing about America is that anyone with a car or van can pack it to the brim and take off to anywhere.  The wide open road!  It’s a beckoning symbol of our freedom.  And with a driver’s license in hand and a front seat full of gas station snacks, you can explore until your hearts are content.

Road trips are about as American as ice cream sandwiches on a hot July afternoon.  And this year, more than ever, we find ourselves longing for the days of the wind in our hair.  The never ending possibilities that come from a big, old-school road map unfolded in front of us seem more enticing than ever before..  And even though it might not be time to load up the van just yet, it’s never too soon to plan for the days that surely will come again.

So when the world reopens and Covid-19 hopefully fades away with 2020, here’s a fun plan for your next Great American Road Trip.


Starting out west in the great state of Utah, you’ll lack for nothing when it comes to glorious views from the wide open expanse.  This 420 mile adventure can easily be completed in one day.  And what a day it will be!  Features ranging from arid deserts with sand dunes to thriving pine forests in mountain valleys decorate this one of a kind landscape.  The quirky little stops along the way will make you smile.  And with one goal in mind last summer, Fatboy enthusiasts, Analise and her team, decided to load up the truck with giant coolers of ice cream treats and dry ice and set off on a big adventure.

Like Santa distributing his toys, the Fatboy team made it their goal to give away as many ice cream treats as possible while exploring from North to West between Utah and LA.  And like Fatboy, on your first post-Covid road trip, don’t miss out on all the beauty Utah has to offer as you travel Highway 15 from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas.

A Few Interesting Stops Along Your 420 Mile Trek from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas:

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

Thanksgiving Point

Scipio Petting Zoo and Gas Station

Cluff’s Carhop Cafe

Territorial Statehouse State Park Museum

Cottontown Village

Brigham Young Winter Home

Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum

Virgin Valley Heritage Museum

Las Vegas

As the Fatboy ice cream truck rolled into Vegas, the crowds went wild for free ice cream sandwiches.  With nothing guiding their journey except the anticipation of bringing a smile to people’s faces, the team just simply started searching for the most fantastic places to park in the hot, Nevada sun. Needless to say, they were welcomed with open arms.

Everyone knows that a road trip through Las Vegas must include a stop on the Strip, but gambling isn’t the only thing that the city has to offer.

10 Things To Do in Vegas That Don’t Involve a Casino:

Hike Red Rock Canyon

Go to Hoover Dam and enjoy Lake Mead

Explore Boulder City

Fremont Street

Visit the Neon Museum

San Diego

After Elvis took our last Fatboy sundae of the day, we decided it was time to set off for the breezy beaches of San Diego.  This 330 mile drive was full of anticipation because we knew the coastline was almost in reach.  And even though there were places to stop along the way, we decided to power through and just set our sites on the beach!  Southern California has so much to offer.  The entire coast is dotted with one perfect beach after another.

You simply can’t go wrong.

But if you are looking for something more local and original to do with your time, consider seeking out a surf competition like we did.  The Supergirl Surf Pro Competition was another perfect place to share our Fatboy goodness with the crowds.

Here are some great experiences that the locals say you must take in while in San Diego:

Best place to stroll – The Strand and Torrey Pines National Reserve

Best coffee shop/bakery – Better Buzz and Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Best Beaches – Pacific Beach and Mission Beach

Best Nightlife – North Park

Best Brunch – Cody’s

Best Tacos – The Taco Stand and City Tacos

Best Attraction – Balboa Park

Los Angeles

After soaking up the sun in San Diego we restocked the dry ice and moved towards the big city.  Hollywood here we come!

There is so much to do and see in Los Angeles that the list is endless.  In order to find the largest crowds to share our delicious ice cream treats, we decided to begin by making our way to one of the most popular sites of all – the iconic Hollywood sign.

Crowds flocked to our van at every location during our three days in LA.  Fatboy once again brought smiles to many faces as we filled tummies with free ice cream treats.  The best crowds were found at Griffith Observatory, the Chinese Theater, Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Malibu, Zuma Beach and Dodger Stadium.  These are our must see road trip stops in and near Los Angeles, California.

Seven fun filled days had come to an end.  The Fatboy Great American Road trip was a huge success!  And fingers crossed, we will be traveling again soon.  Do you have any suggestions for our next ice cream adventure?  We know that 2020 will soon pass.  We will soon be able to hit the open road once again.  Hopefully our journey has inspired you to dream about your next post-Covid travels.  The wide open road is beckoning us all.  With any luck, our ice cream truck will be coming to a city near you very soon!

Happy travels!

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