In 1785, we’re pretty sure poet William Cowper must have had ice cream on his mind. He wrote a poem called The Task- and while that might only be interesting to liberal arts majors and historians into powdered wigs, it’s most famous stanza goes a little something like this:

Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.”

Amen, William Cowper. Amen.

In fact, we’ve taken up William Cowper’s ice cream dreams and made them a reality- variety is the mantra we live by when it comes to our seam-busting Fatboy ice cream sandwiches and Sundaes. Creamy ice cream treats packed with so much flavor, they’re more than a little husky.

Whether your family has a vanilla lover, needs a Mint Chocolate Chip fix or you want to escape into a luxuriously decadent Cherry Cordial, Fatboy ice cream sandwiches and sundaes don’t skimp when it comes to a big fat heaping of mouth watering flavors.