When you make the fattest, most delicious ice cream treat mankind has ever known (in our opinion, anyway) there’s bound to be SOME feedback. Truth be told- we love feedback in all its shapes and sizes, it’s what keeps us introducing new flavors and making the best even better. But while we love our Fatboys like no other, sometimes even we’re blown away by the Fatboy love we get from our amazing customers.

And with Fatboy February (it’s a thing) so fresh in our minds, we wanted to ruminate on all of the creamy, milky details of some of the best compliments we’ve ever received. We could talk all day about how great Fatboys are, but hey- now you don’t have to take our word for it.

#5: “They are the GREATEST I’ve ever eaten!!!”

With the storied tradition of ice cream sandwiched that goes back to 1899, this compliment is high praise. Thank you, Ruby D. from South Carolina! She also said: “Until a week ago I’d never eaten any of your products. Now, I’m literally addicted to the Fat Boy Cookies N’ Cream ice cream sandwiches.” High praise INDEED.


#4: “Customer for LIFE.”

75-year-old Richard R. from Florida also thanked us for making such a great treat, “The vanilla ice cream is outstanding and I LOVE the covering on the sandwich.” Thank you Richard R. we appreciate the positive feedback!


#3: “OMG! This may be the best ice cream product EVER!”

From your lips to our ears! Christine H. from North Carolina also said, “It is healthy, relatively low-carb, and ridiculously delicious! Thank you for a wonderful treat that is absent the usual guilt with something this delicious!”

#2: “I LOVE your product! I just ate two in a row!!!”

Trisha H. from Alabama said she discovered our ice cream sandwiches while on a diet thinking she wouldn’t like them. She said that assumption was a big mistake and that she will just have to work out harder and longer at the gym because “it was absolutely delicious!!!!!!” Anything we can do to help you with your fitness goals, Trisha. 😉



#1: “My family and I tried your brand for the first time…What a great day for us!!! Whoo hooo!!! Do I sound a little over the top? I’m not.”

Renee S. from Indiana said, “We take our ice cream very seriously here and have not had any that tasted as good from a box as Casper’s FatBoy! The ice cream itself was creamy with just the perfect blend of vanilla. It tasted homemade. The chocolate was velvety and creamy as well.” she said. Her enthusiasm is our favorite. “Now where can I hide the last two bars…?” Good luck keeping your Fatboy’s hidden from your kids (PS- They’re in the freezer)!

Feeling complimentary? Grab your favorite Fatboy, luxuriate in your own indulgent experience and then visit us on Facebook ( to tell us what you think. We love your feedback!