There’s no doubt summertime is host to some pretty great memories: lazy lakeside days, running through the sprinklers, cannonballing into the pool or just soaking up the warm sunshine in your favorite pair of shorts and flip-flops. Not to mention those warm summer nights in the glow of the fairground lights or independence day fireworks.

Yeah, summer is pretty great.

So great, in fact, we’ve decided to make summertime a permanent resident no matter what the season: Introducing FatBoy’s Freeze Pops!

Inspired by bright summer memories and big splashes of summertime flavor, Freeze Pops come in five deliciously classic varieties that also pack the nutrition of vitamins A and C:

Cotton Candy

Invented by, of all people, a dentist and a candy maker friend way back in 1897, machine spun Cotton Candy (originally called “Fairy Floss”) made its debut as an instant classic at the Saint Louis World Fair in 1904. Available in both pink and blue varieties at fairs across the country, we’ve harnessed the power of blue to make a squeeze pop classic that brings nostalgic fair-time fun to any occasion.


Orange Cream

There’s nothing quite like the refreshing taste of crisp citrus coupled with the smooth comfort of vanilla ice cream. Another summertime classic invented at the turn of the century, the “creamsicle” flavor had humble origins: orange juice frozen around vanilla ice cream. It’s a flavor coupling that’s endured well over 100 years and has lovingly found its way into our take on a timeless taste sensation.


Tiger’s Blood

A flavor as exotic and mysterious as its whimsical name, Tiger’s Blood has no equal when it comes to the local snowcone shack. We’re not sure when it came into being but we sure are glad it did. Combining the tangy and juicy flavors of strawberry and watermelon with a touch of coconut, Tiger’s blood brings a hint of the tropics and more than its share of sun-baked, pool-time memories.


Root Beer Float

Yet another frosty dessert classic given to us by the deliciously productive early turn of the century, the ice cream float was invented by happy accident. Trying to lure customers away from a competing soda fountain vendor, Robert McCay Green dumped a scoop of ice cream into flavored soda water and the rest is history. The Root Beer variation, also known as “Brown Cow”, is a time-honored variation that combines Root Beer’s sassafras snap with vanilla’s mild smoothness- a combo our Freeze Pops perfectly capture.



With ancient origins in the Kalahara Desert of Southern Africa, this fruit/vegetable/berry is thirst-quenchingly delicious (it is 91% water, after all) and quintessentially Summer.  Our Freeze Pops capture watermelon’s refreshing juiciness and melon-eating memories all in one tansty cream pop.


New Fat Boy Freeze Pops can be found in your favorite Associated Food store freezer aisle.

Whether your family has a Root Beer lover, needs a Cotton Candy fix or you want to revisit the snow cone classic “Tiger’s Blood”, Fatboy’s new Freeze Pops are can help you get a jump on summer memories by bringing Summer flavor classics from the fairgrounds to the freezer!