Our Brands


The famous FatBoy Ice Cream sandwich! Thick and creamy ice cream sandwiced between two yummy chocolate or chocolate chip wafers.

Casper's Classics

Take a trip down memory lane with old tyme creamy and indulgent. Sea Salt Caramel, Strawberry Dipped or Creamy Coconut all in a rich, famous Guittard chocolate coating.

Active D'Lites

Casper's Ice Cream and ProBiotix Foods are prod to bring you delicious ice cream bars with probiotics to promote and sustain your digestive heatlh.


FatBoy Fun!

It all began back in 1925 when Casper Merrill took the milk and cream from the family milk cows and made the original Ice Cream Nut Sundae on a Stick. He made those first bars, known today as FatBoy® Nut Sundaes, and sold them at the local 4th of July celebration. Today, folks across the country are still enjoying FatBoy Premium Ice Cream just as much as they did in 1925.

Casper's Classics - Nothing Compares to a Classic!

Since 1925 Casper’s Ice Cream has held the tradition of providing rich creamy ice cream treats your family enjoys. Now Casper’s has taken all that time tested goodness to introduce Casper’s Classics™. An old fashioned ice cream bar with all the taste but 25% fewer calories and fat than competitive products.
Premium Real Ice Cream. Hand-Dipped European Tradition Chocolate. Life Never Tasted So Good.™

Active D'Lites With Probiotics

Casper’s has provided premium quality ice cream for more than 87 years, and ProBiotix Foods is an expert in delivering the benefits of probiotics through great tasting treats. Together, they bring you the perfect combination of indulgent ice cream bars that are delicious and good for you!