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FatBoy Love from around the Web  

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With some of our FatBoy fans being far rather than near we sure love hearing your feedback. With a family tradition of making *cough* in our opinion the world’s best ice cream treats *cough*, there’s something about knowing others are out there enjoying FatBoy melt-in-your-mouth creamy deliciousness. We also love knowing that we’re not alone in our passion for ice cream.

As we sift through your reviews we have to realize that all our palette’s have one thing in common: We crave creamy, thick, irresistibly delicious, high quality ice cream treats and we won’t settle for anything less.

Thanks to our lovely and enthusiastic customers we’d like to share some feedback from near and far.

“10/10 best ice cream sandwiches in the world!”

We love knowing we scored an A+ on the ice cream sandwich test. Thank you Kelly G. from Meriden, Connecticut. She also said, “My mom bought us a box for the first time and it’s the tastiest ice cream sandwich I ever had! I’m already munching on my second sandwich!” Thank you Kelly! Munch away!

“Key Lime Pie is simply delicious.”

Heather B. from Casselberry, Florida also noted, “The cookies resemble pie crust perfectly!” That was our goal Heather! We had so much fun creating this flavor thank you for the high praise; we’re so glad you’re enjoying it.

“OMG…this is the bestest!”

Thanks for your enthusiasm! Arlene W. from Atlanta, Georgia said, “OMG…this is the ‘bestest’ and thickest ice cream sandwich I’ve ever eaten. Try the Cookies N’ Cream…heavenly!” We strive to be the “bestest” we’re so glad you noticed. Keep enjoying the Cookies N’ Cream and try a few more flavors while you’re at it.


“It’s the best I have EVER had! Delish!”

Robin S. from Lexington, South Carolina said, “I have bought a lot of ice cream over 53 years. But this beats everyone’s ice cream.” Thank you for your experienced and expert review Robin!

“Unbelievably delicious!”

Oh believe it! We aim to please and Eric M from Bunnel, Florida sure thinks we nailed it! His words, “This is ice cream at its finest!” Thanks Eric, we love to hear from happy ice cream lovers.

“We LOVE them all!”

It’s hard to please everyone, well..unless you buy every flavor of Fatboy. As LaToya N. from Indianapolis, Indiana figured out. She said, “So far we’ve had every flavor of ice cream sandwich and bar. We LOVE them all. The variety allows me to accommodate everyone’s likes! Very pleased!” We’re so happy you’re pleased and it sounds like your guests are as well. Thanks LaToya!

If you are wondering where you can stock up on FatBoy click on, Where to buy, and don’t forget to check out all our flavor options of ice cream sandwiches and ice cream sundaes


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