Eight Deliciously Simple Ice Cream Hacks To Fatten Up Your FatBoy

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Eight Deliciously Simple Ice Cream Hacks To Fatten Up Your FatBoy

Now that the sun has decided to show up on a more frequent basis, it’s time for short sleeves and all the FatBoys you can handle. As if we needed an excuse.

And although our classic ice cream sandwich stands deliciously awesome on its own, we have a few new spins to add a little oomph to your ice cream and a little fun to your next FatBoy fiesta. You can try these “Fatter Boy” recipes with any flavor, including Premium Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Strawberry, or Key Lime. We’re getting hungry just talking about it.

1. Get Into Your Shell


Who says Smuckers Magic Shell sauces are just for regular ice cream? If you haven’t seen this product before, don’t be worried. It’s in almost every grocery store near the frozen food section. Choose from an assortment of chocolate, caramel, or funfetti liquid shells to pour on your FatBoy. The sauce immediately hardens, creating a smooth outer layer. These will add some delicious variety in texture, and allow you to sweeten your sandwich in all the right ways. Simply place your fatboy on a plate and pour the sauce over the top. It’s like a dipped cone… but fatter.

2. Think Sprinkles


Although FatBoys are practically perfect in every way, a little bit of color never hurt anybody. To make your FatBoy a delectably Pour some sprinkles of your choice in a bowl and dip the ice cream until it’s coated with those delicious, sugary bits. You may need to wait a few minutes until the ice cream can melt so the sprinkles will stay in place. Fun for kids and grown-up kids alike!

3. FatBoy Surprise


Much like a jelly-filled powdered donut, you can create a delicious surprise on the inside of your FatBoy in no time flat. Take a small knife or spoon, and hollow out the middle of your sandwich, replacing the hollowed section with your favorite treat of choice: a different ice cream flavor, an Oreo or maybe even your favorite candy bar. It’s probably a good idea to eat this creation from a bowl and/or with napkins.

4. Salty and Sweet


Your taste buds won’t even know what to do with themselves with this sweet and salty pretzel combination. Pour some pretzels in a bowl, and crush them into tiny bits. With a firm grip on your FatBoy (never let go), dip your ice cream sandwich in the pretzel bits. This will not only give your FatBoy a crunchy and interesting texture, but also add a salty kick that will complement the sweetness you’ve already come to love.

5. Hazelnut Heaven


Nutella… who doesn’t love this stuff? It’s great for crepes, waffles and fitting into your mouth by the spoonful… but pair it with a FatBoy and you’ve got yourself a piece of ooey-gooey hazelnut heaven. You can dip it or drizzle it, but if you love the chocolatey-hazelnut taste of this spread, you really can’t go wrong. Pick some up when you’re out grabbing the Magic Shell sauce and your kids (or self) will be singing your praises all day long.

6. Shake It Off


Prepare to be the culinary hero of your home. Simply take a FatBoy or two (or three!) and toss them in a blender. Combine with some milk and other add-ins (candy, fruit, etc) of your choice, hit blend and wait for people to start clapping. Cleanup isn’t too bad as you can just throw away your wrapper and give the blender a little wash. Go ahead and pour some out into a celebratory cup that can be displayed around the house and to neighbors passing by.

7. ‘Mallow Out


Summer is prime for camping. Camping is perfect for roasting marshmallows. And sometimes hot and cold can be the perfect combination for your taste buds. Simply roast (or microwave) a mallow, remove the ice cream sandwich from the cooler and put the two together sandwich style or spread across the top! The chocolate and vanilla combo paired with a melty, spongey ‘mallow is amazing.

8. Half ‘n’ Half


Having a hard time deciding between FatBoy flavors? Suggestion: cut two different flavored sandwiches in half and combining the opposite flavors together! Try using any of the previously mentioned creams and sauces as an adhesive (aka scrumptious glu) and you won’t be disappointed.

When it’s all said and done, FatBoy fun boils down to your creativity.

What are some fun things you’ve done with a FatBoy? We’d love to know and we’d especially love to see your recipe in action with a photo. Use hashtag #HowDoYouFatBoy on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and we may feature your photo on our account.


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